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CRC Virtual Choir Details

Spring 2020




I’m so excited about making a virtual choir project with you all. Please closely following the instructions below in order for us to create an exciting musical piece to share.


Things You Will Need


  • Laptop/computer

  • Cellphone (both iPhone and android work well)

  • Headphones

  • The score (“There Were No Mirrors In My Nana’s House”)



Go to the following link to retrieve your practice and sing along recordings.



Directions For Recording


  1. Plug your headphones into computer/laptop. You will listen to the song through the headphones and sing along out loud.

  2. Record yourself singing with your cell phone.

  3. Only your singing voice should be heard on the recording, so choose a quiet place.

  4. Find a nice or plain background with bright lighting to see your face in the recording.

  5. The video must be HORIZONTAL not vertical. Position your video camera at eye level or slightly higher and angle the camera down a bit.

  6. In the recordings, you will hear me count out four beats followed by 4 claps. In your video recording, count and clap as directed. This will help me synchronize the videos together.

  7. Once you are happy and finished with your recording, email the file as an mp4 to:

  8. Be sure your file is labeled in this manner: Tau-Mirrors.mp4




Have fun singing your part. Remember that things will be edited, so don’t worry if it isn’t perfect!

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